With a head full of dreams and the heart of a hippy, I like things that make your soul breakdance. Things with good energy.

Roots and Toots is an alternative lifestyle blog. I write about food good for the soul, quirky or eco travel, wellbeing, holistic health, and the esoteric.

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My Backstory

Five years ago I walked away from a board directorship in a multi-award winning comms agency in Soho in want of a more fulfilling existence. It’s an age-old cliché for a reason! There was something missing that’s since been found. (In India to be exact.) But that’s a story for another time.

These days I live a simpler life in Norfolk. By day, I’m a proud Mum to a spirited pre-schooler and a freelance writer. By night, I scribble poems on scrap paper and explore ‘inward travel’ through lucid dreaming. When I have a spare moment I try to squeeze in yoga and mediation, and once all those precious boxes have been ticked, I blog.

I’m currently retraining to be a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Next year my training in Mindfulness in Sleep and Dreams begins. I’m also finalising my debut poetry pamphlet which is about sleep, the subconscious and dreams.

It’s taken me over three decades but I’ve finally found my place in the world.


Roots and Toots in a Nutshell

In 2014 I started Roots and Toots to document my new life. Although I still sometimes blog about food with a plant-based focus, quirky travel, cruelty-free and ethical brands, what became strikingly apparent to me was that it was more important for me to place a focus on the things in my life that have really made a difference.

So now my blog has more of a wellbeing twist. I try to incorporate as much as I can about the work that I do on myself – meditation, yoga, lucid dreaming, reiki and subjects that relate to the mind. I still enjoy recommending wholesome things to eat but also sometimes those comfort foods our soul just needs now and then. My ultimate goal of this blog, if I can pass things on that will actually make a meaningful difference in someone’s life, then, job done.


10-Day Silent Retreat in Northern India


Wellbeing has become increasingly important to me over the last five years. Specifically, alternative therapies have helped me through operations, pregnancy, childbirth, postnatal depression and winter colds and virus. My go-to therapies are a combination of Reiki treatments, a lucid dreaming practise, yoga, meditation and mindfulness, shiatsu and homeopathy. As a result, I’ve never felt better about my health. These things combined have been life-changing for me. Though I’m open to trying new things and often blog about new experience in wellbeing.

I’m also very proud to be the WINNER of the UK Blog Awards 2019 – Wellbeing category!



Sugar-Free Chocolate Chia Seed Puds


This blog is about FOOD that’s good for the soul. Sometimes a vegetable juice feels right for breakfast other times it’s an almond pastry and large flat white. I try to listen to my body and not be too restrictive or overly-generous. I became vegetarian, with vegan tendencies, a few years ago but I’m not strict, I’m not preachy and I don’t judge other’s choices. I try to adopt a middle way, I keep my feet on the ground. I also blog about food from my roots (Norfolk, Maltese and Sicilian food).

Roots and Toots is a proud member of Buy Local Norfolk. If you love where you live, buy local.



A stay in a windmill: Cley Windmill, North Norfolk


I write about independent, often quirky, TRAVEL, especially trips which are off the beaten track. I champion destinations that have a creative, heritage, nostalgic, wellbeing or spiritual twist and where the food is something to write home about. I’m also a backyard blogger and feature local produce and things to do in my home county of Norfolk.


Work with Me

True Story – Storytelling for Businesses

If you’d like to hire me, I charge a reasonable day and hourly rate. I can help you with your brand communications, feature writing, copy writing, blogging, storytelling, blogger outreach and creative direction of your brand or business. I work as a freelancer in Norfolk and London, either from home or in your office. Email me Leah (at) TrueStoryPR.co.uk. Find me on twitter @TrueStoryPR or check out www.meettruestory.co.uk


Working with PRs – Blogger Outreach

As the owner of Roots and Toots, I occasionally accept free products, tickets, services and other compensation. However, I will always give my open and candid view on products and state clearly where any item has been gifted. I may decide not to feature a post if do not think the product or service is suitable for my readership. I am particularly supportive of small companies and independent businesses.


My blog is three years old and has a healthy growth rate. Currently, at time of writing, the highest monthly reach my blog has received this year is 3-4k unique visitors (2018). My highest month on record was 12k. I also have a combined following of 5,000 followers across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (two accounts).

Sponsored Posts and Advertising

I will work with selected likeminded partners and I will feature sponsored posts. These will always be clearly marked as “Sponsored” and I will declare any trips that are paid for by travel companies or tourist boards.


This is a personal blog written by me (Leah Larwood), unless there is a guest blog post, which states otherwise. All views, opinions and musings stated in Roots and Toots are my own.

I am a freelance communications consultant and copywriter by day and I work with many different food, lifestyle, drink and wellbeing brands. As a result, I occasionally will feature a blog post about a company or brand I am working with. This does not mean that I have been paid to do so – it’s through choice. Not every brand I work for will feature on my personal blog, only those that have likeminded attributes as outlined in at the top of this section.

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