Kalleco: Saving the Planet One Straw at a Time

God bless, Instagram. For all it’s flaws, I love that you can learn and be inspired by so many positive, life-changing things.

It’s been twelve months since that epic BBC documentary that explored the devastating impact plastic has on our marine environment, and which left many of us particularly conscious about plastic and recycling this year.

I was really happy to come across Kalleco, a brand which I spotted on the Talking Rubbish Instagram feed a few weeks ago. (If you haven’t seen Jess’ blog as yet head on over for some great tips on sustainable living!)


Kalleco is an online brand that helps to reduce unnecessary plastic usage, particularly of single-use products. They sell the loveliest-looking metal straws (pictured above) and organic cotton tote bags in blue and cream (pictured below, as modelled by my glamorous and almost-willing assistant).

IMG_1248 2

Kalleco’s slogan is ‘You Can’t Lose If You Re-Use’. Like me, they believe that individuals CAN make a difference. Their product range, which is said to change over time, will reflect the need for our planet’s new demands – so do watch this space.

We’re recently back from our family holiday to Italy. We were self-catering and stayed on an eco-farm incidentally. We took both our tote bags with us everywhere and used them at the markets and every shop or patisserie we frequented.

IMG_1515 2

We also took out straws out and about, which come in a handy pouch along with a straw brush cleaner. If you have young children, make sure you do supervise them if they use the metal straws.


All of Kalleco’s products are responsibly sourced, directly from the manufacturers. And although some of their products (like the straw cleaners) use plastic in some way, they are built to last and the environmental impact is minimal.

Sustainable and reusable straws

4 x stainless steel straws and a cleaner cost £8.25

One year guarantee, BPA free, dishwasher safe and supplied in a linen bag.

Organic Cotton Tote Bags

Available in soft blue and cream and cost £4.50 each


For more information head to: https://kalleco.com

NB: This blog post is a collaboration between Roots and Toots and Kalleco. Products featured were supplied in return for an honest review.

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