How Autumn Acupuncture Can Set You Up for the Winter

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Wellbeing: Change in Season

There’s finally a nip in the air, the nights are drawing in and I’m finding that I’m less carefree and already becoming more introspective. A good friend of mine was telling me last night that the autumn is associated with the ‘Wild Woman’ phase in our life and it’s usually the time of year we’re more creative.

Whereas the summer is all about the external world: traveling and enjoying the outdoors, autumn is all about planning for the winter season as you come more inside your body and mind to reflect on your life. I do tend to write much more poetry in the winter and autumn, so it’s generally a productive time for me.

Although I’ve always loved this time of year, the last couple of winters since becoming a Mum, have been tough – my sleep has taken a bit of a battering. So over the last year or so I have put into place some smart preventative measures in place. Some of these include:

  • A daily dose of: Probiotics, Vitamin C, D, B-Complex, Zinc and most recently, Rhodiola, which supports the adrenal glands and helps you through busy or stressful periods
  • I have a shiatsu session once every couple of months to ensure my energy levels are as good as they can be
  • I practice reiki on myself to give a boost as and when needed, and which also helps with relaxation
  • I try to eat well – I’ve reduced sugar and alcohol which of course depletes your system and fogs your health
  • I try to sleep as much as humanly possible given our circumstances
  • Remembering to diarise that all-important ‘me time’
  • Spend as much time outdoors and in daylight hours as I can
  • And at the start of autumn, I have some acupuncture….

I see a lovely acupuncturist at a clinic here in Norfolk. I initially started seeing Rebecca during pregnancy, largely for relaxation and also for some pre-birth preparation. (As a result, I avoided an over-due birth and with the support of hypnobirthing, an easy and peaceful experience.)

Then, last autumn, two years after birth, I returned to Rebecca and explained that I’d been quite poorly the previous winter, with around 21 back-to-back viruses from the autumn until the beginning of the summer. She explained that acupuncture could help to boost my immune system and help my body easy from the summer months and into the winter.

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Preparation for the Winter

So how can acupuncture actually help your body prepare for winter?

Acupuncture can help to boost your immune system and detoxify the body. This can help to prevent possible cold or flu-like symptoms and it can also unblock stagnant points in meridians that cause changes in mood during seasonal change.

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What Happens During a Session?

I’m not usually a big fan of needles but the super-fine single-use needles used in acupuncture are so tiny that you barely feel it. As the needle is inserted you sometimes feel a very mild dull ache and this is a good thing, it means it’s working well. But it isn’t painful. After every treatment I have had, I’ve felt incredible, so relaxed and more balanced.

Sometimes I see Rebecca for a 1:1 and other times I’ve joined her Multi Bed which, works out to be even more affordable.


One of Treat’s 1:1 Treatment Rooms

What’s a Multi-Bed?

A multi-bed is where you have an acupuncture treatment in the same room as other people, and the cost per session is cheaper.

This is what a Multi Bed looks like…


The lovely Rebecca in the multi-bed room – there are several beds altogether

It’s all very welcoming – gentle music, soft lighting and a relaxed atmosphere.

And, from what I hear, the best part of using a multi-bed is that you are able to tune into the energy surrounding you – people are treated together and can get a sense of the heightened energy of healing at work in the room. (The same concept applies at a Reiki Share group.)


Book A Session When you Start to Feel Run-Down

I started a new freelance gig recently. I’m working more hours than usual. The week before my first day I started to feel under the weather. Not ideal. By the end of the week I was teetering on the edge. Luckily, I had my ‘autumn tune up’ acupuncture session already booked in.

I mentioned to Rebecca that I had a bit of a sore throat and was a little achy and on the verge of becoming ill.

She did a pulse diagnosis, where she was able to assess which areas of my body needed supporting. She was able to say fairly quickly that the virus hadn’t taken hold of my system and that it was a good time to receive some acupuncture. The hope was that the session would prevent the virus from ripening.

I’m writing this a week later, after my first week in my new freelance job – it’s been a busy week, I haven’t slept that well yet I’m feeling absolutely fine. The virus didn’t ripen. Whoo hoo!

Which is of course amazing. So, if you’d like to try and prevent a virus (who wouldn’t?) then I’d really recommend booking a acupuncture session to try and prevent the virus spreading – it’s worth a shot. It worked for me.

Discount Code

I’ve teamed up with Treat Norwich to offer Roots and Toots readers a discount off their acupuncture session at Treat Norwich. For first-time customers only: When booking, simply quote ROOTSANDTOOTS for 15% of your acupuncture treatment. Offer ends 31 October 2018!

Treat Norwich

Treat also offers a full range of complementary therapies, including acupuncture, birth preparation, fertility support, hypnobirthing, massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, pregnancy support, psychotherapy, spa, yoga, pilates and beauty treatments.

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