Laughter down the lanes: Bowling House, Norwich

Review of Bowling House – a cocktail joint, laid-back eatery and five-lane bowling alley, located on Dereham Road, Norwich.

NB: This post is a collaboration between Roots and Toots. Bowling House gifted Roots and Toots this experience in exchange for an honest review.


With a small person to look after, we don’t always manage much quality time together these days, let alone many date nights, so when the Bowling House got in touch and asked if we’d like to pop along to review their offering, we jumped on the phone to the baby sitters immediately.


Babysitter, booked, faster than the speed of light.

And what a night it was!

The funniest thing about the evening was due to the impromptu appearance of three Dinos. Yep, just one Fig Manhattan into our evening, and in swanned three T-Rex Dinos.  The reason it was so amusing was because they were all in character for the evening. Poker-faced and deadly serious about bowling. It was hilarious.

Has anyone else spotted these Dino Flash Mobs? Isabel from Vegan About Norwich (on Instagram) mentioned that it’s actually a thing.

Anyway, back to bowling.

After the hilarity of the Dinos, we finished off our drinks with wet cheeks.



The cocktails were top-notch. I don’t really drink very much these days but when I do, I do enjoy a Fig Manhattan. The Bowling House make these well.


We then ordered some food. I went for the nachos – a sharing dish for two apparently, but I had such a hankering I went ahead and ordered it anyway. (They reassured me I could have a Doggie Bag for half the dish, and I did.) Nachos chips were homemade, spicy deep-fried pitta triangles. They were the perfect base to the bean chilli, cheese and salsa. The only thing it was lacking was enough sour cream, so they kindly brought me a pot on the side. The deep-friend jalapeño peppers added a crunchy, spiced kick.


My other half went for the hallloumi and mushroom veggie burger and wasn’t disappointed. It had deep-fried onion rings, Lanes sauce and dill pickles, and coupled with the homemade thyme fries, he ordered on the side, nothing touched the sides.


We could have happily ended the night here. The atmosphere in Bowling House’s retro-chic bar area was so laid-back and sociable, it’s the sort of place you could just visit for cocktails and food if you wanted to. It’s that kinda place.


We didn’t turn down the opportunity to bowl. The last time I bowled was when I lived in London – All Star Lanes, Tottenham Court Road, and the last time I bowled in Norwich must be well over 15 years ago.

Bowling House was a pleasant surprise. It was very much on a par to All Star Lanes for me and a big upgrade on the Norfolk-based lanes I’ve visited before, especially in terms of the great atmosphere and quality of food and drinks.

We had two games each, and I walked away with a respectable loosing score. Though I soon remembered that bulk doesn’t win. Old 14, pictured below, was a gutter ball, it’s all about No. 8 people.



I was really surprised by Bowling House. It was so much cooler than any bowling alley I’ve been to in Norfolk and I love the fact it’s walking distance into the city centre.


Bowling House in Norwich has five lovely lanes and charge by the person, by the game. They have several offers, from family packages to group bookings.


Friday and Saturday evenings can get busy so some of the lanes are reserved for diners only, however, if you don’t fancy dining you can just give them a call and if they have a spare lane they will try to get you on it.


£5.50   Mondays (exc Holidays)

£6.50   Tues – Thur & Weekends before 6pm

£7.50   Weekends after 6pm


(No under 18’s after 7pm)

£5.00  everyday before 7pm

£19.95 unlimited bowling for summer hols!


£35.00 four people, two games (min 1 child)


3 for 2 games everyday (ex Fri/Sat after 6pm)

£18 Eat, Drink, Bowl (Tue-Thu)

To book call on 01603 397 412


Thanks for a great evening, Bowling House! We had such a giggle and loved the laid-back yet stylish vibe – you’ve go it going ooooooon!


NB: This post is a collaboration between Roots and Toots. Bowling House gifted Roots and Toots this experience in exchange for an honest review.

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