Marley Mojito Recipe

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Once upon a decade ago, I lived in the Caribbean. This is one of my top travel claims to fame. For two years I was lucky enough to live on the far-flung island of Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos, and before this, a year on New Providence in the Bahamas. I also spent a short spell in Jamaica, but possibly the most memorable of all, was that trip to the The Exumas. Oh boy, what a time.

The two things I miss about life in the West Indies: 1) the pristine beaches of the Turks and Caicos and 2) a good old fashioned Rum Punch! This week I took a small trip down memory lane and relived my Caribbean days at Turtle Bay in Norwich, along with fellow blogger and total sweetheart, Emilee from Frolic and Fro.

Now I don’t usually blog about chain restaurants but I’m making an exception for this little gem because of the Caribbean connection.

Our trip wasn’t just a trip down memory lane. The other reason we were Turtle Bay-bound was to check out the Caribbean restaurant and bar’s new ‘Cocktail Table’ reservation offering. Basically, the restaurant has just launched a table service in addition to its seated option. It’s all about being able to reserve your own little drinking spot with table service and food as well (if you like).

We explored the fabulously curated 40 strong collection of rum and a long list of tropical cocktails – before settling on the Rum Punch and the Marley Mojito. Here is the recipe for the latter so that you can give this a whirl at home.

Barman - One Love Cocktail

Cocktail Recipe


The ‘Marley Mojito’ is Turtle Bay’s very own twist on the classic Cuban cocktail, it’s very vibrant in colour and is a fresh ginger and watermelon mojito.

4 fresh lime wedges

8 fresh mint leaves

25ml Appleton signature rum

12.5ml watermelon syrup

Fresh watermelon purée

Ginger beer

12.5ml Melon liqueur

  1. Add fresh lime wedges and muddle.
  2. Slap mint leaves and add to the glass.
  3. Add Appleton signature rum and watermelon syrup.
  4. Puree a slice of fresh watermelon and add a couple of splashes.
  5. Add half a glass of crushed ice and churn.
  6. Top up glass with ice.
  7. Add ginger beer and float green melon liqueur on top.
Turtle Bay, Manchester

Recipe for Marley Mojito


We enjoyed a sharing platter and a couple of sides. It was actually the sweet corn fritters, which stood out most for me! I drenched these in hot sauce and it reminded me of the conch fritters I used to snaffle way back when. Everything was delightful – loved the flatbread and roti and mopping up everything with a sup of Rum Punch. Delicious.

Top recommendations – things to order with cocktails:


Sweet corn fritters, crispy okra, jerk pit grilled mushroom & peppers with jerk coconut sauce, halloumi and mango flatbread, sweet plantain & super green salad [V] 13


Curried fish roti flatbread, chilli squid, crispy panko whitebait, sweet corn fritters, mango mole, herb mayo & super green salad 14


Thanks Turtle Bay for having us! We had a lovely evening all to the sound of a great reggae soundtrack.

NB: Food and drinks were gifted in exchange for an honest review

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