Vegan Raspberry & Chocolate (Sugar-Free) Ice Lolly

Raspberry & Chocolate Ice Lolly

(refined sugar free and vegan)

IMG_4520 2

IMG_4515 2


1 small punnet of raspberries

2 tsp coconut sugar (if raspberries aren’t naturally sweet)

1 tbsp cacao powder

Around 300ml Rude Health almond milk

1 small banana

(Forgive the vague quantities, but it depends on the size of your moulds!)


Place the raspberries and coconut sugar in a microwavable bowl and zap for around 30 – 60 seconds, keeping a close eye so that the liquid doesn’t turn into an irrupting volcano. Once this has become a puree, set to one side and cool.

Meanwhile, using a hand blender, blitz the almond milk, banana and cacao powder. Place in the fridge.

In your ice cream moulds place the raspberry puree in the tip of each – around a quarter / one third full – depending on how many moulds you have vs. puree!

Place in the freezer for an hour or two, until set. Then, pour in the cacao almond milk mixture.

Pop into the freezer until completely frozen.


Optional: Remove from a mould and place the tip of the lolly in some thinned honey (1 tbs hot water with 1 tbs honey – allow to cool) and then roll in chopped nuts.



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