The Lady magazine feature: Picnic Week Accessories

This week I’ve written an article for The Lady magazine about picnics. I’m a huge picnic fan. Always have been. There’s something rather magical about eating carefully selected finger foods under an oak tree by a river and on a plump blanket with friends. Or is that just me?

If you agree, read the full article here Picnic Week for The Lady magazine.

Below are just my TOP Picks – each of these items are sustainable, stunning and tells a story.


Sustainable and Storytelling Picnics

National Picnic Week Round-Up (15 – 24th June)



  1. Hand painted tiffins

Forget tupperware, transport your crudités, dips and salads in this stunning four tier Indian tiffin. Hand painted by artisans in India, the tiffin’s exterior features famous Madhubani motifs in a kaleidoscope of colours. Perfect for storing both cold and hot picnic food. Adorned with a handle at the top, to ensure you keep items upright, both practical and precious.

Hand painted tiffin from Indian Tiffin

Hand-painted 4 tier Madhubani tiffin £41.29

2. Floral William Morris, ecoffee cups


Made with organic bamboo fibre and perfect for impromptu bench picnics, an ecoffee cup is a must-have for the environmentally aware picnicker. Our favourite part of the range includes the cup designs from artist, print maker and poet, William Morris. Useful and beautiful, ecoffee cup embodies all that William Morris held true – functional classics for our times.

William Morris (340ml) ecoffee cup £10.95


3. Bamboo plates (Sous Chef)

Sous Chef Bamboo picnic plates

These are picnic plates with a story! Not only are they non-breakable and dishwasher safe, these bamboo plates have a matt finish and the most delightful motifs and icons, each one with a story. You will find a short inscription explaining the motif on the reverse of each plate. Such as the ‘Mandala’ plate: “A well-known and beloved form of Tibetan art; it brings us to the centre of what’s important”.

Small plates range from £4.50 – £11.50

4. Wicker Picnic Basket


This quaint picnic basket is just £15 from Flying Tiger, which is simply amazing. It is made from genuine wicker and is polkadot lined, and very spacious inside. An absolute bargain. Perfect for carrying baked goods, sandwiches and other picnic goodies.

The Ultimate Picnic

Alternatively, if you’d like the ultimate picnic experience, pop over to De Vere Selsdon Estate this Picnic Week. Guests can pick up their picnic blanket, outdoor games and the all-important hamper, filled with a selection of homemade sandwiches, crisps, fresh fruit, pork pies, quiche and a selection of sweet treats, before heading out to find the perfect spot within the hotel’s stunning 200-acres.

If the English weather doesn’t hold up, there’s no need to worry as guests can enjoy their picnic undercover on the outside terrace, which overlooks the parkland, or in the beautifully refurbished Orangery.


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