Roots and Toots is having a make-over!

Well, call me a pineapple* and paint me indigo, after three years, Roots and Toots finally has a ‘face’! Thanks to the wildly talented Helen (my illustrator friend from Memo Helen) – thanks again love! (Isn’t she a clever one?) This nicely marks the start of a few changes I’ll be making to my blog over the next few weeks. The last couple of years there’s been less exploration of land mass and more of a focus on inward travel.

There’ll still be a big tip of the hat to food and travel – there’s just more to say about wellbeing at the moment. But my new logo says it all; with a colour from each of the chakras, the left illustrations speak for themselves and in case you were curious, the lotus (which represents several things in Buddhism and namely the concept of enlightenment) reminds us that without the mud, no lotus will grow. I’ve always been drawn to this icon, we even gave our daughter the middle name Pema which means lotus flower.

The peacock feather was inspired by Charlie Morley (my rad lucid dreaming teacher) who first introduced me to the concept of the ‘peacock who ate the poisonous seed’, which symbolises how suffering pain and discomfort can actually yield beauty and strength! (Oh and I’ve been surrounded by peacocks on and off for the last few years at a rather lovely place I’ve been freelancing.) And the moon – well, we’re all in mystical awe of its crazy-beautiful powers but more about this another time.

Thanks to everyone who’s followed my blog and feed over the last few years, since becoming a Mum I haven’t had as much time to blog but but I’m looking forward to Roots and Toots’ next chapter 🌈

*Sometimes my daughter calls me pineapple. I don’t know why, I have asked.

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