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Oh em gee, there’s a new vegan joint in town! From the same people who brought you Bia Kitchen – the popular vegan street food stall on Norwich Market – this week sees the launch of the business’s second venture “The Tipsy Vegan”.


I was lucky enough to have a sneak preview a couple of days before The Tipsy Vegan opened its doors last night.

Located in the heart of the historic Norwich’s Lanes on St Benedict’s Street, the new eatery serves up exactly what you’d expect from an establishment called The Tipsy Vegan: An inspiring selection of vegan small bites and hearty meals along with a host of bespoke cocktails, vegan wines and local brewery beers.

Owners, Cheryl and Michelle, have both spent a huge amount of time developing and experimenting to find delicious substitutes to animal-based products. As a result, they’ve found some pretty exciting combinations of ingredients that work particularly well in classic casual dining, the dishes vegans usually can’t indulge in.

They’ve created some exciting new dishes which are sometimes overlooked in vegan cooking. Their mission has been to create fun and social dishes that inspire and reassure that you don’t have to miss out when eating vegan food.

Absolutely everything in the restaurant is vegan including the Chesterfields.

The Verdict

Korean Bao Buns: The sticky and spicy BBQ coated tofu was incredible – it looked like a glazed pork rib. Yet the flavour was cleaner, lighter and the ‘rub’ used on the tofu was a delicious mixture of spices. Served with tangy kimchee and an Asian salad with peanut dressing on the side. The homemade buns were light and spongy – spot-on. Really recommend trying this!


Steak Sandwich:  A homemade (secret recipe) sliced pepper steak is served with an incredible vegan Bernaise sauce – so creamy and light. With sautéed kale inside the sandwich and an extra dollop of Bernaise on the side and with American slaw and parmesan and herb chips. The flavour and texture of the homemade ‘steak’ was impressive.



Devised by the mixologists from Knowhere Special Bar in London, the cocktail menu is of a really high calibre. I had the Espresso Mocha Martini which is made with Booja-Booja chocolate truffles and Grey Seal Coffee, both local vegan producers based here in Norfolk.

Many people (including myself till recently) don’t realise that various cocktail ingredients, including the actual spirits, are often not vegan, so these guys have masterminded some really great alternatives that are suitable for vegans, without compromising on taste.

The Tipsy Vegan’s friends at Knowhere Special Bar in London have helped develop the vegan cocktail menu which includes classics such as: Whisky Sour, Summer Julep, Mocha Martini, Vegroni, Espresso Mocha Martini and Somewhat New Old Fashioned.




Chocolate and Salted Caramel torte: The pastry was buttery and light, amazing. Really enjoyed the texture of the torte, so silky.


Local Produce

The Tipsy Vegan has gone to great lengths to champion local produce where possible including sourcing its coffee sourced from Grey Seal Coffee in North Norfolk, Ale & Beers from All Day Brewing in Salle Norfolk, locally grown fruit and vegetables and chocolate truffles from Booja-Booja.

The Tipsy Vegan’s menu will include specials and regular items such as:

Portobello Mushroom Burger: Portobello Mushroom, toasted walnut and breadcrumb stuffing, wilted spinach, sun dried tomato pesto and ‘parmesan’ and herb chips (£10)

Mushroom Ceviche: Citrus cured oyster mushrooms, cucumber, tomato and red onion salad served with guacamole and crispy tostadas (£8.50)

Lahmacun: Turkish style extra thin pizza with tomato and fresh herb topping. Served with lemon cured red cabbage and white cabbage, ice berg lettuce, Turkish salad, garlic yoghurt and chilli sauce (£15 for 2)

Brunch (Sat-Sun, 10-3pm): Pancakes & Bacon, Full Irish Breakfast, Benedict, Breakfast Tacos and Mexicana hash.

KS Cocktail List

The Tipsy Vegan is located on 68-70 St Benedict’s Street in Norwich (opposite the Art Centre).

Opening hours are Wednesday – Saturday evenings and all day for brunch at the weekend. Website coming soon but in the meantime check out their Instagram page @thetipsyveganbar

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