Norfolk & Suffolk Local Produce Courtesy of Lawson’s Deli


Situated on Aldeburgh High Street, Lawson’s DeliLawson’s Deli is one of the best delis in East Anglia. No word of a lie. Over the years I’ve been to most in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge and this one tops the charts for several reasons.


It has been hugely popular with locals for over a decade and is multi-award winning. New owners took over in January 2017 and from what I can see, they have seriously reinvigorated the shop with some exciting new changes.

They serve a selection of artisan breads and pastries, gourmet and handmade frozen meals, a wide range of deli cheeses, home made pickles, pates and dips, loose nuts and dried fruits, jarred and bottle items, and a beautiful selection of homemade savoury tarts, luxurious scotch eggs and pastries with a difference, which change weekly. They also serve Monmouth Coffee to take away!


We were lucky enough to sample a range of their goodies after a recent stay in Aldeburgh.


Resident head chef, Kim, makes a plethora of daily goodies including one of the best chilli jams I’ve ever tasted. Here are a few of the things we tried:

Kim’s Hummus: Creamy, chunky and punchy, this contained fresh herbs and a delicious blast of garlic. This tasted more wholesome and flavoursome than most homemade hummus recipes I’ve tried. Would love to know your secret ingredient guys! (I couldn’t detect any tahini?!)

Sun blushed Tomatoes: Literally the best sun blushed tomatoes I’ve tasted. High-class restaurant standard. Plump, fresh, ripe and naturally sweet.

Kim’s Chilli Jam: Goodness knows what Kim’s secret is but she’s found the perfect balance of chilli and sticky sweetness. This was wondrous with every single cheese we tasted, especially the pungent ones. And also just lovely on it’s own with a cracker – it’s that good!

Marinated Artichokes: Large, firm whole artichokes in marinated olive oil. These were a delight!

Suffolk Gold: I loved this soft and creamy cheese made locally. It’s rumoured to make a superb frittata and quiches, as it has fantastic melting properties too.

Cornish Yarg: Oh my, this was so good I had to Google it. It tasted so creamy and of mozzarella in some ways but I discovered that it’s actually made from milk of Friesian cows. Before being left to mature, it’s wrapped in nettle leaves to form an edible, though mouldy, rind. DELICIOUS!

Kim’s Pickles: In joint first place with the chilli jam, Kim’s pickles were my other favourite hamper item. I can’t begin to tell you how good these were. Sweet pickled gherkins and thin slices of yellow peppers, soft and drenched in mustard seeds.

Norfolk Mardler: Possibly my favourite cheese of the bunch (and that’s not just because I’m a Norfolk gal) I’ve had this particular cheese many times before. It’s slightly crumbly yet softish for a firm cheese. The flavour is very addictive, I find it difficult to have small amounts of this.

Kalamata and Pistou Pitted: Two of my all-time favourite olives in one container! Not much more to say on this one.

Shipcord Extra mature: Made in Suffolk, Shipcord is a cheddar style cheese made with a high quality unpasteurised milk. Now this one is quite strong but with Kim’s Pickles or Chilli Jam it’s absolutely incredible.

Norfolk White Lady: This is a soft, bloomy Brie-like hand-made cheese using milk from a 60-strong herd of white Friesland sheep.

Rosemary Tounges: These homemade biscuits cum crackers were addictive. They were the perfect partner to mop up everything mentioned! Highly recommended.



Phone: 01728 454052


A thousand thank yous to Lawson’s Deli who supplied the hamper and for the introduction via Best of Suffolk and Host Unusual!

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