My First Sober Rave: Dance of the Phoenix in Bristol


31 December at 8:00pm – 2:00am

St Michaels Parish Hall, Park Lane, Bristol, BS2 8BE

On 31 December I went along to my first sober rave. Often I find this particular night in the calendar absurdly disappointing but this was literally the best thing I’ve ever done on New Year’s Eve.

The rise of booze-free events began just as I left London in 2012 so I never got the chance to check out Morning Gloryville and sadly, the movement hasn’t quite made its way to Norfolk yet.

Sober raves are one of the best inventions – they combine only things that are good for your body and soul plus they are heaps of fun and guess what? No hangover!! I actually felt so invigorated and happy on New Year’s Day and the positive energy, good intentions and love that surrounded the night is with me still.


I was staying with a very dear friend of mine who lives in Glastonbury (pictured below is the Tor) and like all the best NYE plans, our night was spontaneous and made promise of lots of yoga, dancing, healthy food and massage. What’s not to love?


My friend is a yoga teacher and had heard about this Kundalini Clubbing’s New Year’s Eve Celebration which was tipped to be the best barefoot, drug and alcohol free party in the west. If you’re liking the sound of this then you’ll be pleased to know that there are regular events all year round and at various locations.


The Line Up

The evening started with a Cacao Ceremony – the organisers always start with an opening ceremony, with the world’s finest ceremonial grade cacao. Here we honoured the year that was falling away, plus it was a chance to call in our intentions for 2017! The pure cacao was served hot, a rich and earthy (vegan) chocolate.

Kundalini Yoga with Kirsty – a powerful way to release the serpent power synonymous with this yoga, which got us all super charged for the night (and the year ahead!).

Kundalini Dance with Mark – powerful chakra journeying shamanically through the chakras to release the dragon of the old year.

Crossing the Threshold: Mark guided us through a NYE special ritual into midnight.

More Dance: DJ Tigger took us up until 1.30am for this extra special celebration for some mega tunes!

Sound Journey: Aya and Rodger complete the evening with a blissful, relaxing and deeeeply healing Gong bath, using two large, highly attuned gongs, until 2am.

Juiciful Cafe with Rachana, was open all night for delicious super healthy food and drinks, offering an array of hot and cold/sweet and savoury treats. The vegan dhal with brown rice and “yoghurt” was out of this world. As was the vegan Trillionaire’s Shortbread.



I also indulged in a wonderful shiatsu massage from Bryn who was giving treatments throughout the evening

Conscious Community: There was plenty of time for connecting, socialising and relaxing in the chill out space – to catch up with friends.

Happy New Year Everyone X

NB: Sorry that there’s not loads of pictures for this post but it was one of those nights where you wanted to leave your phone in your bag so that you’d enjoy ever minute!

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