Eastern Daily Press: Top 10 Foodie Finds on Norwich Market

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In support of the Eastern Daily Press’ and the Evening News’ “Get Behind Your Norwich Market” campaign, you can also read this blog post in the local papers today.

I adore the market and when we lived in the city centre earlier this year it was my second home; I’d pop in every morning whilst Evelyn slept in the sling, it was one of the most enjoyable daily rituals I’ve had to date: A chat to the stall holders, a graze on some hot vegan food from Bia Kitchen and a good coffee whilst little one slept. When most of the city was still waking up, the market was always so alive. Norwich Market has so much charm and personality, it really is the beating heart of our city. It’s survived plagues, wars, fires and competition from chain stores which is why this campaign hopes to help boost our local economy and footfall on the market so that these iconic stalls can keep going for many more years.

By simply buying a few pieces of fruit, veg, some fresh bread or a hot homemade lunch on the market instead of from your local supermarket, you’re helping the local economy in the best possible way. Plus, I always find everything tastes better and it’s often cheaper too. Here are just a few of my favourite foodie finds from #NorwichMarket.

You can see my write-up in the Eastern Daily Press online or for the original blog post check out my Top Ten Foodie Finds on Norwich Market.

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