Procrastichocs: Truffles for Writing Sheds

The launch of Booja-Booja’s new two truffle packs. The Rainbow Collection: Procrastination in it’s finest form!


If your lips haven’t crossed a Booja-Booja truffle before, then we probably don’t know each other. I think I’ve gifted most of my nearest and dearest with one of Booja-Booja’s beautifully designed gift boxes. I often keep a stash of these truffles in my fridge at home, perfect for those moments after dinner when you have a small amount of wine left in your glass and an appetite for something little and sweet.

Those indulgent fridge moments just got even more accessible.


In fact, these new two packs of truffles are the best thing to happen to fridges in a very long time.

I’m particularly excited at the moment because they’re perfect for my little fridge in my writing shed in the garden. A secret stash every procrastinating writer should keep on hand for when they should be working. It’s the best sort of distraction, right?

Booja-Booja first launched its chilled collection in Waitrose over a year ago. Chilled chocolates you say? Well, of course. These artisan truffles are more delicate than most and use the freshest ingredients which is why they are best stored in the fridge and removed just before you take your first melt-in-the-mouth bite.

They’re handmade here in lovely old Norfolk. It gets better. Just because they are free-from dairy, gluten and soya, taste hasn’t been compromised in any way. Many free-from products don’t have the luxury of being both delicious and healthier for you at the same time. There’s always an exception to the rule in my book. I think Booja-Booja is a pretty ground-breaking brand. As far as I know, they’re the first in the world to make mass produced organic and dairy free chocolates that taste this delicious.

For the optimum in chocolatiness they use 55% cocoa in the majority of its chocolate truffles, which is single-sourced from the Dominican Republic. Plus, unlike most truffles, Booja-Booja ones are cubed not curvy. Quirky.

So if you haven’t had a #BoojaMoment yet then perhaps these new chilled duo truffle packs will tempt you.


More Info: Booja-Booja has a multi award-winning range of chocolate truffles and frozen desserts. In fact, Booja-Booja has been honoured with numerous awards across its range, many of which are the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Available in all good independent health food stores, farms shops and delicatessens nationwide (including Rainbow, The Green Grocers and Jarrolds in Norwich).

A pair of truffles to give you a perfect little Booja-Booja moment when the mood takes you. From £1.19 for 2 truffles.

A big thank you Booja-Booja for sending over samples of the new range! x

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