Bread & Meat

A review of Bread & Meat in Cambridge


I don’t usually blog about places that specialise in meat but these guys also do a pretty sexy vegetarian sandwich, served warm: Slow roasted vegetables, salsa verde and manchego cheese.


Bread & Meat is a canteen style urban café based in Cambridge and as you’ve probably already gathered, its forte is posh sandwiches, delicious hot posh-sandwiches to be precise.


Slow food is their thing.


Various free range meats are slow cooked overnight which are carved the next day and served in hot sandwiches to take-away or eat in with a freshly brewed coffee or a craft beer. Its signature dish is the porchetta sandwich, served on locally baked ciabatta with their own salsa verde.

Although I’m vegetarian for most of the time, I did buckle on my visit to Bread & Meat. Not to eat porchetta. But to try a Norfolk lobster buttered brioche roll with Japanese Mayo. Yep, that’s right, I went all the way to Cambridge to have a taste of Norfolk. It was out of this world. The brioche bun was light, buttery and slightly sweet and with the fresh succulent lobster and creamy Japanese mayo, I had to order a glass of Muscadet to wash it down with.


Open for breakfast until the evening.


4 Bene’t Street

Cambridge, CB2 3QN

+44 (0)791 808 3057


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