Worstead Festival 2016


Last weekend we were guests of Worstead Festival, a wholesome, laid-back and entertaining event set in a beautiful rural village in Norfolk.


For those well-versed in my blog, you’ll know I’ve blogged about Worstead Festival a couple of years ago. I have fond childhood memories of this festival which has been going for over 30 years now. However, last Sunday was a very different experience for us.


This year we were armed with a baby toddler (our daughter – we didn’t just find / borrow / steal / rent the frowning little Poppet pictured above). We actually enjoyed the event more than ever. Evelyn had a ball and a happy baby is a happy Mum. As with many situations we’ve encountered as new parents – such as the joy of finding your favourite restaurants stocked with high chairs or finding an available baby changing facility in a busy city – similarly, we really appreciated all of the child-friendly activities, surroundings and atmosphere at Worstead Festival which weren’t so important before and strangely we didn’t seem to notice.

Obligatory daddy shoulder ride:



One thing I always HAVE to have at this festival is my annual Rum ‘n Rasin Ronaldos. OK, that’s a lie. It’s not an annual thing. This ice cream cart is also situated on Norwich’s London Street and a popular stop-off point some most weeks during the summer.

Local ice cream always tastes so much better than shop-bought. Especially with folk music in your ears, grass in your toes and a happy baby crawling around:




Here were a few highlights from the Sunday:

Display Ring

In the main ring there were displays from Wymondham Falconry, lurchers a vintage tractor parade, bar stool games, a dog show and a teddy bear’s picnic.

Country Ring

In the Country Ring were displays from heavy horses, mediaeval knights, gun dog displays and a log loading display.

Music Stage

The Wild Hunt

Lewis Murphy


Tres Pantelon

Testicular Sound Express

Dove and Boweevil


Best of Norfolk Food

But as I’m sure you’ve guessed, for me it was all about this tent. With dozens of food and drink stalls selling everything from iced lattes, gourmet halloumi burgers, artisan breads and baked produce to Norfolk wines and a Pimms tent (without wanting to sound like a cliche, this was a personal highlight).


Pye Bakers vegetarian Glamorgan Sausage Rolls (pictured below) are made with LOTS of leeks and LOTS of cream. The pastry is exquisite. If you live locally, you may be able to find these at Pye Baker’s artisan bakery in Norwich.


There were hourly displays from some of Norfolk’s finest chefs and foodies, including Richard Bainbridge from Benedict’s, Roger Hickman from Hickman’s, Mark Sayers from Saracen’s Head, Grimsby from Pye Bakers, Madhu Choudhry from Ethnic Fuction and Candi Robertson from Candi’s Chutneys.

It was good to bump into folks from the Big C, our local cancer charity in Norfolk. I’m a Social Media Ambassador for the charity this summer. You can read more about their #CancerConversations campaign here. (Stealth plug or what.)


Picnic of gourmet halloumi burgers, Glamorgan sausage rolls and iced lattes with Daddy and his Lilly Whites on display:


If you’re holidaying in Norfolk next year, try and time your visit with this festival. It gives you a lovely slice of Norfolk village life. Tickets are only £5 per person and free for kids under 12. Weekend tickets are also available.

Seriously pooped. Always a good sign:


For details visit http://www.worsteadfestival.org, see the Worstead Festival Facebook page or follow @worsteadfest on Twitter.

A big thank you to the organisers for having us again this year!

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