Black Forest Gateaux Smoothie

Thank goodness my local Sainsbury’s ran out of frozen blueberries, mixed berries and raspberries this week! My daily smoothie usually consists of a berry & chia seed or a mango & mulberry nut smoothie. Not this week. Instead, I reached for the last bag of frozen fruit in the supermarket – a bag of frozen black cherries, which was how I accidentally invented this yummy ‘Black Forest Gateaux” smoothie.

Super-easy to make. Just take one banana, a generous handful of frozen cherries and blend with either 300ml of Alpro unsweetened soya milk or unsweetened almond milk (or cow’s milk if you prefer dairy). Makes one smoothie. Blitz for around 30 seconds until smooth. Then top with cacao nibs. I like Booja-Booja’s – they are much smoother and richer in flavour than most other brands I’ve bought.

I prefer using frozen fruit these days because it prevents wastage, it’s always on-hand in your freezer, the smoothie tastes more refreshing when it’s frozen blended and the fruit is usually cheaper and plumper than fresh fruit.


NB: These cherries have had the stones removed but sometimes there’s a rogue one to be found, so do be careful when you blend or take a sip.

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