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Review: Tiffinware by Risham Chawla Design Studio


It was on Twitter that I first discovered the oh so colourful, Tiffinware. It’s a gorgeous little, design-led brand that creates unique, handmade products, designed by British-Indian designer Risham Chawla.

Their homeware range is stylish and contemporary and they also stock a range of beautiful gifts. The thing that instantly caught my eye was the brand’s range of retro enamel tiffins. I’ve had a thing for tiffins for some time now and have searched ever car boot, online specialist shop and homeware department store to find one I really like.

It’s a typical accessory in India and this enamelled tiffin takes its inspiration from the Indian tradition of taking your hot lunch to work.

[By the by: Have you seen the film The Lunchbox? If not, I thoroughly recommend it. It’s a touching and romantic tale about a mix up in tiffin lunch box deliveries in a Mumbai office. Irrfan Khan, the protagonist, receives his daily tiffin only to discover he’s been receiving lunch made for another man. Cue love interest!]

But back to Tiffinware…


Made from simple stainless steel with a modern twist, it’s leak resistant, tough, eco-friendly and recyclable, it won’t spill or let its contents fall into the bottom of your bag. It has sturdy double clips, so once your goodies are inside they will retain their flavour and freshness.

There are two main compartments which can hold both hot and cold food. I actually saw a documentary on the tele a while ago and a new meals on wheels service in the UK were trailing out the best containers for keeping food hot – low and behold, the tiffin won!


These would be great to take to work, school or to the park for a picnic for one.

One of the things I love the most is its quirky look and there’s a lovely little backstory behind the design. Colour has played a large part in Risham’s life – one of her earliest influences was the Botanical Gardens in Poo­na, India, where her father was Director. Later, in West Africa, it was the striking rich dyes, trade beads and Ghanaian textiles, which made a lasting impression on Risham. This love of bold hues, coupled with her distinctive design eye, helped Risham to set up Tiffinware, where she combined the traditional with a modern ‘tongue in cheek’ twist, to create colour popping, bright homeward with contemporary lines, using age-old crafting techniques. What a legend!


If you’d like to find out more simply go to The tiffin pictured in this review costs £32 online (I should imagine one as well-made as this would last a lifetime so it’s well worth the investment) or search for a stockist near you.

A big thank you to Risham for sending Roots and Toots this iconic lunchbox – looking forward to eating many happy meals from this.

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