Detox December Results & Healthy January Recipes

Jucing veg 14:12 Fig, Cranberry & Hazlnut Crunch Smoothie - PACK SHOT photo 3

Just before Christmas I posted news about my plans for #DetoxDecember – Cold Turkey Christmas. The idea was to give up booze, meat and foods high in saturated fats and sugars in a bid to feel healthier, to avoid extreme dieting in January and a way to restore balance. Recently a few fellow bloggers and followers have asked how I got on. Did I manage to go cold turkey? Well, the booze was the easy part. Due to a busy December, I came down with two back-to-back cold viruses so it’s always much easier to refrain from alcohol when you’re poorly, but then on the flip side your appetite changes and all I felt like eating were slices of sourdough toast thick with salted butter, cough sweets, fresh fruit and err… chips from the chippie.

I did manage to eat lots of fruit and a good amount of vegetables and nuts. But 7 pieces a day was a little ambitious. My biggest downfall was meat. It was tricky to avoid at parties and family get-togethers. And although I’m veggie most of the time, I was craving comfort food. So on Christmas day I couldn’t resist my Mum’s idea of an alternative Christmas dinner: fillet steak and lobster tails cooked on an open fire with garlic butter, homemade chips and salads – it just felt too good to miss.

However. I don’t feel as though I’ve pilled on the pounds and I’ve kept a clear head throughout. The biggest difference this year is I don’t feel compelled to kick start an extreme healthy eating regime. This January, I’ll be simply continuing as I’ve been eating – in moderation.

Roots and Toots’ TOP FIVE Healthy Recipes for January

You might like to see a couple of my detox recipes I created over December as well as some other healthy meals I’ve made in the past – to super-charge your January.

14:12 Fig, Cranberry & Hazenut smoothie

1) One is for a healthy breakfast smoothie, Fig, Cranberry & Hazelnut Crunch – which uses seasonal cranberries, fresh figs and organic and dairy-free hazelnut chocolate truffles. Uses 75% local produce.

photo 7

2) Another healthy breakfast is my Cherry Bakewell Bircher, made with almond milk and cherries.

photo 12

3) Superfood Spud. Sweet potato with cannelloni beans, hemp seeds and feta. Uses 25% local produce.


4) We had this again the other evening. Leftovers of this dish are incredible – the fragrant flavours really mature after a day in the fridge. It’s a Vietnamese tofu dish – Dau Phu Sot Ca Chua – a subtly sweet and spicy, fruity sauce with crispy fried tofu. Delicious served with Thai sticky rice. Uses 20% local produce.

Hot Choc Blog Post 3

5) The second recipe – Fine de Champagne Hot Chocolate – is for an indulgent detox hot chocolate made with unsweetened almond milk and organic dairy-free chocolate truffles. Uses 50% local produce.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015, folks. One with balance.

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