My Angel in Black: Neal’s Yard Natural Facial Lift

This is Zacharoula. She radiates tranquillity through her fingertips. She has been my angel in black, on a Monday afternoon of late.

photo 1

Zacharoula is a practitioner at Neal’s Yard, Norwich. I love this place. Not only because it’s a business rooted in ethics, but because every time you walk through the doors, there’s always such a peaceful and happy energy.

And I just love eyeing the shelves of beautiful cobalt blue glass bottles, looking through the different serums and scents I haven’t tried yet.


At the Norwich branch, upstairs, is where all the magic happens. There are various treatments and therapies available: from reflexology to Indian head massage to ear candling. I’m an alternative therapy junkie, so you can imagine the sheer joy on my face when I heard about the graduate clinic.

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Every Monday afternoon, Neal’s Yard reserve several slots for its graduate clinic, whereby recently qualified practitioners can establish a relationship with clients, whilst offering a reduced introductory rate. What a lovely idea! A great opportunity for therapists, and for customers, it turns a once-in-a-while treat into something more regularly accessible. Not that you’d know Zacharoula qualified a couple of years ago, her dexterous fingers are well beyond their years.

I’ve been seeing the lovely Zacharoula for one of her specialities, a natural facial lift. The idea of shedding a few years here and there did sound appealing, but the main reason for my visit has been to have some time out every week, a chance to be still.

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She uses a unique and highly effective approach that combines the traditional systems of massage form Japan, Ayurveda and techniques from acupressure and facial reflexology. The blend of these techniques release the tension in the muscles of the face, neck, skull, shoulders and release blocked energy and balance the body holistically.

It treats the surface and also deep facial tissues with highly refined gentle hand and finger manipulation. The aim is to improve circulation, remove toxins from the face, prevent and reduce wrinkles and age spots, leaving the face looking bright. It can also help with insomnia, headaches and eye strain as well as stimulating rejuvenation and cellular activity.

Available every Monday at Neal’s Yard, Norwich 13:30 – 17.30. For a one hour treatment of Natural Lift Facial Massage, it’s £20.

Zacharoula also offers reflexology for the same cost.

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