COMPETITION: Everyone needs a little Booja-Booja now and then

Artisan Truffle Giveaway to Celebrate Chocolate Week 13 – 19 October

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Oh hello Chocolate Week. Where have you been all year?

Now seems like the perfect time for me to introduce you to a fond friend of mine. Lovely followers, meet Booja-Booja. If your lips haven’t crossed a Booja-Booja truffle before, then you’ll be stoked to hear I’m giving away two of their super-swanky boxes.

If like me you’ve delved a little deeper into the world of chocolate, beyond the likes of a Wispa Gold, then you may have tried brands such as Prestat and Charbonnel et Walker and for those chocolate aficionados out there, your taste buds have possibly trifled with a truffle from William Curley or Rococo. Booja-Booja falls in the latter camp.

So what makes these melt-in-the-mouth treats from Booja-Booja so special? Not only do they taste absolutely divine, but they’re organic, dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free. And they’re handmade here in lovely old Norfolk. It gets better.

Just because they are free-from many things, taste hasn’t been compromised in any way. Many free-from products don’t have the luxury of being both delicious and healthier for you at the same time. There’s always an exception to the rule in my book. I think Booja-Booja is a pretty ground-breaking brand: as far as I know, they’re the first in the world to make mass produced organic and dairy free chocolates that taste this delicious.

For the optimum in chocolatiness they use 55% cocoa in the majority of its chocolate truffles, which is single-sourced from the Dominican Republic. Booja-Booja’s outer truffle shell is much thinner and delicate than the majority of truffles, making the consistency more melt-in-the-mouth than most. Plus, unlike most truffles, Booja-Booja ones are cubed not curvy. Quirky, I tell you, quirky.

Picture 064

Did I mention that Booja-Booja also produces exquisite frozen desserts? Made with creamy ground cashew nuts instead of dairy, there are up to four raw ingredients in these pure and simple ice cream recipes. Coconut Hullabaloo is my favourite. Oh yes.

Brandbank Coconut 500ml, June 2014

Back to chocolates. Unlike lots of other mass produced chocolates, which contain additives, essential oils and flavourings, Booja-Booja is made with real things. Any flavourings are real and organic: like the fresh Mexican coffee in its Around Midnight Espresso Truffles and in other recipes, the ripe bananas and homemade toffee they use or the fresh rhubarb and real Caribbean rum. Getting hungry yet? Well good, because Roots and Toots is offering two lucky followers the chance to win some of these little beauties. I’m giving two boxes of Booja-Booja’s Special Edition Gift Collection (perfect for Christmas or birthdays). This is top-shelf stuff, for those die-hard chocolate connoisseurs out there.

SEGC Selection No1 open (brown) Picture 065 SEGC Selection No2 open (purple)

Special Edition Gift Collection

Presented in beautifully elegant hinged gift boxes with a soft velvety finish, the Special Edition Gift Collection is for those who appreciate a quirky and imaginative twist to chocolate truffles. There are four boxes in the range and I’m giving away two of the selection boxes. Flavours include:

Truffle Selection No1: Deliciously serious melt-in-the-mouth truffles, full of discovery and delight. Poetry in motion.

Cherry Cognac Truffle: A tipsy sour cherry and Cognac truffle

Kalamon Olive Truffle: A delightful array of savoury-sweet flavours

Around Midnight Espresso Truffle: Made with freshly roasted Mexican coffee

Fine de Champagne Truffle: Delightfully inebriated with organic Fine de Champagne.               

Truffle Selection No2: A whimsical medley of melt-in-the-mouth nutty truffles and quirky puddingy delights. Simply put, these truffles are the cat’s pyjamas.

Rhubarb & Vanilla Fool Truffle: British rhubarb muddled with a creamy vanilla fool

Almond Caramel Truffle: Made with chewy, gooey caramel and roasted almond

Hazelnut Truffle: Made with sweet-roasted Italian hazelnuts

Banoffee Toffee Truffle: Creamy, rich toffee and banana.

To Enter: One of two ways…

1) Enter via Facebook. Simply go to and “Like” my page and then “Share” the post on your own wall to enter


2) Alternatively, you can enter via Twitter. Find me @RootsandToots and if you’re not already, please “Follow” me and then Retweet the competition, which you’ll find on my twitter feed.

T&Cs: No prize alternative available. Open to UK residents only. Two followers will each win a box of SEGC chocolates. I will make a note of each entry and (to celebrate Roots and Toots’ 6-month anniversary) I will draw the lucky winner from my bowler hat on 27th October 2014. You gotta be in it to win it folky-pops. (Sorry it’s not drawn sooner, but I’m away on a blogger trip we/c 18th.)

I’d just like to send a big squeeze and kiss to Booja-Booja (who I was very lucky to cross paths with briefly last year) – they taught me lots about the world of chocolate and it was so much fun working with them. They’ve sponsored this prize for Chocolate Week, so thanks a gazillion Booja-Booja, you’re a Peach.

More Info: Booja-Booja has a multi award-winning range of chocolate truffles and frozen desserts. In fact, Booja-Booja has been honoured with numerous awards across its range, many of which are the prestigious Great Taste Awards. For more go to There are four boxes available in the Special Edition Gift Collection at an RRP of £12.95 per box, with 12 truffles in each box. Available in Selfridges, Planet Organic, Wholefoods, on Ocado and in all good independent health food stores, farms shops and delicatessens (including Rainbow, The Green Grocers and Jarrolds in Norwich).


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