The King of Cocktails? Roots & Toots’ Top 3 Tipples at 42 King St

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Lia. That’s me. (I may change the spelling of my name to this version, I quite like it.) 

And there was me thinking my mid-week flings with a cocktail or three were left behind on the Piccadilly Line. Oh how I was wrong, she says typing with a sore head, a dry mouth and a twitch in her left eye. We did have a very justifiable reason for last night’s liver siege – it was a friend’s birthday and she was officially entering her mid-thirties. So we did what any respectful person would do, we regressed. The brief from my friend was: “Take me somewhere that does a damn fine cocktail”.

Norwich hasn’t really been known for it’s cocktail scene, until recently, when the Norwich Cocktail Club was formed to spring upon us pop-up events across Norwich’s finest watering holes. And if there isn’t a NCC event near you mid-week? Then you’re always guaranteed a sterling mixed drink from Frank’s Bar or 42 King Street. We ended up frequenting the latter.

Last night was a good night. This good in fact:

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Top 3 Cocktails at 42 King St:

#3 Cocktail: 42’s Espresso Martini £7: Finlandia vodka, Bepi Tosolino Expro Liqueur, chilled espresso and a touch of sugar. 

A really nicely done version of a classic espresso martini. Perfect balance of coffee and creaminess blended with a light cloud-like foam. Score: 8/10

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#2 Cocktail: Lemon Curd Martini £7: Finlandia Vodka, lemon curd and fresh lemon juice. 

Tastes just like lemon curd! But not so sweet, it was actually more of a smooth, creamy and lemony palate cleanser. I’m not usually a fan of citrus cocktails so this curdy cocktail really surprised me. (Supplementing with a raspberry curd could also work well.) Score: 9/10.


#3 Cocktail: Popcorn Playa £7.50 Bulleit Bourbon, Disaronno, salted popcorn syrup. Like a Godfather, but more like a Don.

I love bourbon. I love Ameretto. I love salted caramel. The combination of all three together works wonderfully. The salted popcorn on the side was a nice touch (to be savoured at the very end after being soaked in the cocktail). Served in a beautiful vintage chalice which reminded me of an artefact from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade. Score: 9.5/10

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For more info go to the bar’s Facebook page 42 King’s St.

42 King’s Street,


01603 623 971

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