Food & Poem Pairing


My relationship with food is a sensory experience. Fellow writing pals have sometimes commented that my writing often features a sensual tone, which is probably why I really admire ‘Chocolat’ author, Joanne Harris and the way she explores the emotional resonance of food.

Very recently one of my good friends, a very talented poet called Judith, sent me one of her latest poems to read (always a real treat) and part of my response to her included something along the lines of “… it reminded me of a gooseberry and raspberry tartlet with a spoonful of freshly whipped cream”. After which, she gave me a brilliant idea – for me to use poetry as part of my food blog. As a result, I’ve decided to include these two passions of mine, poetry and food, as part of my blog. I’ll be matching the dishes I’ve cooked, not with a wine recommendation (although that may happen from time to time) but with a suitably paired poem. If you’re interested to hear what kind of poem I think is best matched to a gooseberry and raspberry tart with fresh cream, then please read on:


“The great green YES that sweeps the days up one by one,

Unbuttons them and kisses spring into their bones –

the god of goldenrod and dog-rose, hawk and peewit –

Whatever this is called, the year is bright with it,

Fresh as watercress and hot enough to burn.

I’m hanged if I’ll be solemn. I am drunk on light.

That little bulb of bullfinch praising hawthorn,

The blackbird unlacing his dark song; both are lit.

It shines from mountain snowdrifts, calm and wild.

The year is bright with it, whatever it is called”

By Jo Bell

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