French Car Boot Sales: Brocante

…they’d ask the French to do them!


Lessard-en-Bresse, Place de l’Eglise

A small town located on the N78, and just south of Dijon, Burgandy. This car boot (Sundays only) makes a good stop-off if you’re in the Dijon area or if travelling to The Alps or Switzerland. If this isn’t on your route then find out about the nearest car boot to where you’re staying. We heard about many others and we went to a massive one near Annecy a week after this one, so they’re very popular, just as they are in the UK.

I’m a massive car-boot sale veteran. Every Sunday during the drier months, you’ll find me rummaging around the vintage teapots and umbrellas at one of Norfolk’s many car boot sales. I’d thought I’d seen it all. Until we stumbled upon this little beauty.

Lessard-en-Bresse is home to a modestly sized car-boot every Sunday, or as they call it in France, brocante ‘second-hand market’. As you’d expect, everything on offer had a French twist. We found some really awesome antiques and bric-a-brac, French cooking implements, including this croquet monsieur sandwich press – which I can only guess is excellent on a stove-top, an Aga or campfire.


Bought this for 2 Euros. These vases made by a West Germany Pottery Company are usually between £15 - 40

Bought this for 2 Euros. This Jasba vase made by a West Germany Pottery Company are usually between £15 – 40

I’m kicking myself now, but there was a nearly-new Le Creuset set for 16 euros which I bypassed due to lack of space in the camper. Never mind, next time. I’d go as far as to say, that it’s worth driving over to France one weekend to attend the car boots so you can fill your boot with a different sort of bargain, before driving home with lots of lovely French second-hand fare.


So if you happen to be passing this town on a Sunday you should definitely check out the brocante.

And you can forget polystyrene teas and greasy burgers, here you’ll find a stall with wine glasses and bottles of Burgundy wine. Along with a French BBQ serving grilled poulet et frites and French hot-dogs, heavy on the Dijon mustard.

The stall holders were acting impeccably French and most had a small trellis table behind them containing some sort of aperitif, food they’d brought with them: tarte aux framboise and slices of warm cheese quiches. Now that’s how all car boots should be run.



The Top 5 Most Commonly Found Items at This French Car-Boot:

1) Croque Monsieur Sandwich Presses (as pictured above)

2) French-made bicycles and bike parts

3) Vintage ceramics and art

4) Good-quality ovenware such as Le Crueset

5) A vibrator in a violin box (scared the hell out of me when I opened the lid, I can tell you. French sense of humour for you. Pah, you guys!)

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