Meet the French Vegetarians. An oxymoron, non?

“You’re the worst vegetarian I’ve ever met, Darlin.” This is what my boyfriend says to me affectionately, every time we eat at a restaurant. He’s been a veggie for 12 years, whereas I’ve only really been a vegetarian for a year now (following a 4-month trip to South East Asia and India, where I came up close and personal with the realities of animal slaughter).

Now in my defence, I’m not the worst vegetarian to have set foot in France. I eat strict vegetarian meals at home (most of the time) – occasionally some fish will slip and slide onto our weekly repertoire – but being a massive foodie, whenever I dine out I just can’t help but opt for the dry-aged rib of beef with triple-cooked chips and Béarnaise sauce. Whaaaat? It’s either that, or the obligatory mushroom risotto option.

In the UK I do find it relatively easy to find a good veggie or fish option when out, but here in France, as you’d expect it’s been a little tricky. For me, that’s fine, I have looser morals than my better half and end up sighing: ho, hum, better have the steak then. But for him, it’s pretty frustrating and it can be quite an unhappy experience eating out when there is nothing but some side veg or omelette to choose from.

So I dedicate tomorrow’s post to any vegetarian visiting France. My advice – take a camper van so you can create your own wonderful French cuisine, using the freshest ingredients – like the lovely white asparagus which is found in abundance or the diverse offering of cheeses. Stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll be posting a week’s worth of French vegetarian glamping meals.


Us vegetarians seem to get this sort of reaction everywhere we go.

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