The Camper Vanning Virgin


I was a camper vanning virgin before this trip. Over the last few weeks, I’ve learnt a lot about the art of living, cooking and sleeping in a small space.

Here are just a few things I’ve discovered:

Secret Camper Contest: There’s a secret camper vanning competition going on which no one tells you about. It’s not to do with the size, make or age of your camper, it’s to do with the accessories you bring with you: coffee machines, Champagne glasses, accordions and in the case of our current campsite neighbour, a cat. Belonging to a couple from the Netherlands. Needless to say, I have cat envy. His name is Paxie.

It’s all about the Aires: Admittedly, some of the Aires we’ve encountered are dire, but if you plan ahead, staying in an Aire (a camping spot which are free or charge a small fee) some of these can actually be better than campsites. (Please see my post from 13th May which features the guide book you’ll need for this.)

Cave Man Syndrome: I have to say that my biggest discovery is that camper vanning brings out the best in men. All of a sudden my housework-shy fella, is Head of Bed Making, Head of Washing Up, Head of Sanitation, Head of finding Drinking Water, Head of Driving and Head of Shopping, Leaving me with role of, Head of Blogging. Sweet.

On a practical level, here are three little luxuries, which have added an extra level of comfort to our camper experience so far:

  • I know you’re supposed to take plastic crockery etc but there’s nothing quite like drinking from a real wine glass (and using proper crockery)
  • A laptop or device to watch movies. Good for rainy days or for evenings when you’re somewhere remote
  • Take plenty of tea towels, some hand sanitizer, Dettol wet-wipes and face wipes – good for when water is sparse
  • A washing line, and a cave man, as mentioned earlier on in this post.

2 thoughts on “The Camper Vanning Virgin

  1. Cassie

    I love this. Cave Man Syndrome totally cracked me up. I’ve been camping a lot, but never in a van or camper… I’d love to do it sometime. Very true, though, about the kinds of accessories you bring along. Sometimes, I think we’re so prepared with everything we need, and then I see someone cooking fish or something on the stove, and I’m like, “Heyyy, I’m just chillin’ over here with some beans from a can.”

  2. karmatsechi

    Heh heh! So true. I can highly recommend camper vanning, Cassie. Felt so much more luxurious than the times I’ve camped in a tent. Dry, warm and our little van even had a mini kitchen and a toilet.

    So much fun. Making up the bed and falling asleep parked in fields or lake-side campsites was really exciting – we felt like kids making a den of duvets and pillows somewhere we wouldn’t usually be allowed to sleep!

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