The birth of a food and drink blog

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Firstly I wanted to say a big hello to everyone *waves frantically with both hands*. To celebrate my first post on Roots and Toots,  I wanted to share with you the blog I wrote during my ‘year out’ in 2013. Initially it was created for family and friends but I soon discovered that I was receiving quite the following from countries all around the world.

I returned from the Asia-leg of my travels (give or take a day or two) exactly this time last year. It was a life-changing voyage. If you have any plans to visit: Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or India, please do take a look. I’ve name-checked as many restaurants, home-stays and guest houses that I could. So I hope you find it useful. I will happily answer any questions you have and supply further information about the places I visited. Just hit me up.

Moon Doodles Blog:

Thanks for stopping by. More soon…

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